The holiday season can be very eventful! With the running around for Christmas shopping, party planning, and decorating that can be fun but also stressful there are many holiday details that don’t have to be stressful! Especially when a home automation system can put your mind at ease.

What would make the holidays just a little easier? How about smart home reliability where you can count on your smart home gadgets to work all at the same time! We use a streamlined system powered by the reliable networks Savant and Control4. A home automation system will relieve tedious tasks and improve your homes functionality that will overall make your home more enjoyable. This is exactly what you deserve when entertaining in your home during the holidays.

Automated Lighting for decorations to reduce bills and brighten up your holiday!

Brighten up your holiday and save big bucks! We all want to have the nicest decorations in the neighborhood while growing holiday cheer. With our automation system you can reap the benefits of lower energy bills and create a holiday wow-factor across the neighborhood by creating eye-catching light displays that respond to nightfall sensors and turn off at designated times! Adjust lights easily from your smartphone or tablet outside or indoors as well! Dim the lights to create a cozy holiday ambience.

The new Savant and Control 4 home automation system includes features called “Capture”, so if you really enjoy a lighting and media experience you may be having in your living room, you can tap the capture button and save it as a new “Scene” to use again at another holiday gathering! You could also schedule when that Scene goes into effect! The time savings you will experience with home automation will give you more time with family and friends during the holidays (or anytime of the year!)

Surround Sound and full control of all Seasonal music and shows Straight from Your Smart Device!

With a home automation system, you can start the music you want in whichever room you want exactly when you want it! Imagine preparing your holiday dinner with family and listening to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee, While the kids are watching 25 days of Christmas classics on the surround sound system television in the family room.

In the middle of preparing dinner, you don’t have to leave the kitchen to change the song or change the volume. Simply use your phone or tablet to make changes to the playlist quickly at any given moment.

Protect Your Family and Friends During the Holiday Festivities with Strategic Security Measures

Unfortunately, statistics say break ins increase around the holidays but thankfully your home automation security system will let you monitor who is at your doors at any time. When your guests arrive, they will come up on your tv screens when the doorbell rings! You will also be able to assign key codes to long term guests for selected access in and out of your smart home during their stay. Monitor your family members and surroundings while you’re busy getting dinner ready! You have access to lock specific doors, windows and other entry points so kids won’t wander off unexpectedly and no intruders can come in. Keep the worrying aside and keep your mind at ease with the best automated security during the holidays.

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